Redefining Business Cards.

Advanced Technology

This business cards are equipped with NFC Tags, the same technology used in contactless card payments which makes it possible to activate the card simply by tapping it to your phone, for the very old phones that doesn't have NFC reader on them we are providing the QR code on the reverse side of the card, which simply by opening the camera app and pointing the phone towards the card, it will automatically scans the code and will have the same effect as the NFC tap. Now, what happens next after triggering the card is all up to you as we are capable of programming the cards to execute any task that you want such as: Opening a specific web page, running an app, Displaying an image, Save to your contact book and more...


Easy Access

You can easily order them online from our website here, however, that doesn't mean we are sacrificing the quality or the design, you are still getting a bespoke cards, designed for your brand with your packaging and exclusive online dashboard in the clouds which keeps your information safe and secure but still possible for you to update those information and keep them up to date, so if you have a new phone number or an address, no need to re print business cards, you can simply go on your dashboard and change the details.